Veronica Jones.

Not long ago, STEM was the big thing in education. Then they added the A for art to take the pressure off young minds. Veronica’s preschool didn’t add the A. This is why her father chose it.

“Why paint daubs when you can change the world!” was the mantra Veronica heard every day. Instead of enjoying the feel of homemade playdough oozing between her small pink fingers, Veronica learnt how to type.

She loved her father. He was tall and jovial. He would pick her up to see the topmost monitor on his towering desk. Lit with zeros and ones, it seemed magical.

It would change the world.

Years later there were no fumblings in the backseats of borrowed cars with friends brothers. She avoided dances and standing alone for three hours by buffets.

Her friends were different. Silent but true and always there when she flicked the switch.