New Zealand Lockdown – Day 1

Some fronts are quieter than others…

As the sun rose over New Zealand this morning it was quiet. Things looked normal from our quarantine Hobbit hole, but then again most mornings are quiet. If one didn’t bother to log on to the world, one could be forgiven to think that it was just another day.

But logging on is mandatory these days.

The sun also rose over the ditch. Expat Australians no doubt have had a look at home news and unfortunately continued to be appalled by their citizen’s behaviour. Fences have been erected, not to ban looting of educational books from local libraries, but access to Sydney’s beaches. Outraged beachgoers have taken it upon themselves to scale said fences in order to maintain their Aussie lifestyles.

The thought of togs clad Australians climbing high fences is visually disconcerting at the best of times.

This is just ridiculous.

Leading this Antipodean charge was a speedo clad man photographed at Bronte Beach, one of Sydney’s best beaches. Obviously the call of the wild had got to him. Unable to give up his Australian right to lay on sand for a few weeks and spotting a photographer documenting such bullish behaviour ‘Enraged Speedo Guy’ came stampeding and foaming at the mouth.

Which in the current climate, is also inappropriate.

Is there anything more frightening than an airborne angry man wearing speedos? Sydney Morning Herald.

It’s taking the Aussie stereotype a bit far. One wonders if he had concealed a BBQ in his budgie smugglers. Perhaps he had already had a few stubbies.

Meanwhile, in New Zealand, some stories of rebellion include a more restrained, less “Aussie” approach. Quick off the mark, a man has sued the government over the fact that his yard and motorhome will be deemed a non-essential service and locked. This would leave him “a prisoner of the state” as he lives in it. Representing himself, he is reported as a “frequent litigant”.

Perhaps a non-essential litigation clause can be added to the lockdown.

Again the differences in character astound. Both of these men are asserting their human rights but the method of achieving said rights speaks volumes. Leaping fences to rant at a photographer is physical. Taking an already strained government and legal system to court over your motor home isn’t.

However, both are non-essential behaviours.

One wonders if these guys have enough to do.

New Zealand now has issued a state of emergency. Police have the powers after a warning, to arrest anyone flouting the lockdown. They are also allowed to enter premises if they believe there are illegal gatherings occurring. The military are on standby.

Australian authorities have a big challenge ahead. ABC

It will be interesting to see if Australia ramps up its response. One assumes the Australian Police are just as fit as their New Zealand counterparts. They may have to be if they will need to scale fences to chase angry speedo clad Aussies.