New Zealand Lockdown: Rainbows and Red G-Strings.

Even the statues are playing it safe. (R Haupt)

One of the surprising benefts of staying home for seven weeks is that when one emerges into the world again like a butterfly, albiet with grey regrowth, the world takes on an added clarity.

Were the Wellington skies always this luminous? The billowing clouds so enourmous?

Better than Netflix, Antartic winds sweep in from the south blasting some of the freshest air in the world over shimmering inlets dotted with ducks and lumious salty seaweed. Swapping the window sill for the horizon gives a sense of wonder. Astronauts spiralling above the planet in expensive tin pots must feel the same sense of wonder on return. Views of the blue marble must be something, but returning to the grass, trees and the sea brings a new appreciation.

A new appreciation also for Earths inhabitants. New Zealanders are gradually waking up and emerging to weave paths along the emtpy streets. The hush gently filling with signs of life. Converations at a safe distance, coffees for office desperados and a swim for a well groomed older man in an extremely scanty siren red g-string.

Normally a sight to raise eyebrows and a certain level of alarm, this morning the seemingly hairless gent eased his way into the pool. Cool and unfazed, he drifted towards the center before beginning a lazy morning workout.

Now open for the public, the pools are still relatively empty. Perhaps the time was right to finally get out that small item and a good dose of confience.

After all, it does take a lot of self esteem to don such small coverage. Patient weeks of waxing perhaps? In a prelockdown world the life guards walkie talkie might have squarked an alert:

“Scramble the Spare Towels! We have a Budgie Smuggler barely smuggling his budgie in Lane Two. “

In a post lockdown Wellington the guards were unfazed. The hours of constant sanitising may have worn them out. Could there have been an appreciation for this local? At the end of a seven week lockdown he was out in more ways than one.

Is the world more beautiful or is that just me. (Haupt.)

This week Jacinda Arderns Labour Party has come out on top of the polls, again. Its a good time to take a poll. Politicians like to find out how they are doing.

If they are doing well.

Although Kiwis are now allowed to do most things and schools are back, there are still some restricitons and economic pain. The opposition misread the ticket and boarded at the wrong platform. The Business Train is less packed than the Get Rid Of The Virus service that left weeks ago.

Its week eight into the journey and she still has a huge support base.

Shes doing well.

The Prime Minister is also doing well deflecting the random off point questions. They pop up unannounced. Arderns level of confusion when asked if shes currently dying her hair, is testement to the fact she has her mind on other matters.

Saving the country from a pandemic and all that.

Watching a CNN compilation of Andrew Cuomos key quotes over the course of New Yorks plunge into difficult times brings the enormity of implementing change. Decisive mandates are tricky at the best of times but deploying them in such a populous location would be like trying to turn the wheel of a ten tonne truck as it heads toward a cliff at 100kmh.

Aoteroa again relieved at its human to land ratio. Theres commonly at least a couple of meters between people. Sheep not so much perhaps.

In fact, queues being an anomaly pre covid-a9, ironically have popped up to keep shopping spaced out.

Australia is known as the Lucky Country. Its little neighbour Aoteroa perhaps can claim The Luckiest Country. Not completely out of the woods but able to see the clearing ahead.