It was a privilege.

It was a privilege.

It was a privilege to be asked to write for The Cancer Society in 2019. The organisation which helps those affected by the disease and their loved ones. In a…

Daydream Boyfriend. Flash Fiction.

There wasn’t much boyfriend material at Hillcroft High and Janet as the headmaster’s daughter had discovered she was at a disadvantage. Her father wasn’t well-liked around the campus. Not that…

Departure. A poem.

He said he was coming back. That man of ill repute. That man of few words. The strong hero whom she loved. His large hands lifting her up high beyond…

Beach Patrol. Flash Fiction.

James Brogley liked the beach. A short pale, flabby guy, he felt the lifeguard uniform gave off heroic vibes. He wore the long-sleeved jersey and pants rather than the speedos….

Part Time Zeus

An Oscar winner must revaluate her success in the light of the #metoo movement if she is to find work after forty. Genre: Fiction/Drama 40k words / screenplay 100 pages.

Space Tourist

When a scenic trip goes wrong leaving a billionaire and a lottery winner adrift above the earth, it takes a feat of human determination to survive. Genre: SciFi/Action 40K words

The Re Run

When three flatmates must move back in together after twenty years they discover old secrets and new tensions difficult to navigate. Genre: Fiction 280pp / Screenplay 110 pages.